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Luxury Rooftops

Chicago Green Design (CGD) has built its reputation as the leading entertainment rooftop engineering, design-build company in the United States. Our Team, on average, has over 26 years of experience in the landscape and rooftop engineering, garden design business. Having the honor of not only being one of the oldest, designated rooftop engineer, design companies in Chicago but in the country, with accolades across our nation. We continually work with partners worldwide, collaborating and enhancing rooftop products specifically. This allows us to always be on the cutting edge of technology. Keeping current, allows us to offer our clients the best the industry has to offer. Chicago Green Design Inc. is a designated, high-end, engineering, design-build firm for the most elaborate rooftops in the world.

Design & Build

We are a Design/Build company, we take the “one-stop shopping” approach to rooftop gardens. This is where the architectural designer and building contractor are one and the same. Imagine the benefits of making a single phone call to a team that can handle your entire rooftop project! From initial conceptual drawings, budgets, permits, feasibility studies, and working drawings to the actual construction and final walk-through, CGD inc. employs a team of experts in their fields to complete each step.

Custom Features

Deciding on the details is where CGD really shines. Working with you the customer is what it is all about. Your ideas and lifestyle play a central role in our design scheme. This part of the process is where the foundation of your project truly begins. Pulling these ideas together to create something amazing can be quite challenging, but with our design team along with the latest cutting edge technology that is available, you can count on your outdoor living space to be one of the most thought out, and innovative spaces in the city. Every project is truly unique as it is a reflection of you and your lifestyle. We at CGD recognize this and look forward to designing your space to your personality.

CGD are dealers of over 50 different lines of outdoor living furniture. Ask your designer about the perfect furniture for your project. In addition, we offer the best pricing; purchasing directly from the manufacturers and cutting out the middle man.


What is the live load of my roof? What are the weight limits of my roof? What material is safe on my roof? How long will the floor covering and material you are using last? What is the substructure of the flooring you plan to use and will it have an effect on my roof membrane? (Do you know some rooftops void roof warranties?) If a problem occurs with my roof how easy is it to gain access to the problem and will I lose the investment of the new flooring?

These are just a few questions your designer should be sharing with you when you meet them from the beginning! Decks on the ground in comparison to decks on your roof are two completely different applications. You should always consult a specialist not only to protect your house investment…. but your family as well. Dealing with weight and inferior material is serious business and the homeowners are finding out that a rooftop deck is not a glorified elevated deck.

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