We take care of everything.

From permits, to engineering to making your dreams come true.

CGD Inc is an engineering, design and build company that?assumes the “one-stop shopping” approach to luxury rooftops. ?This is where the architectural designer and building contractor are one in the same. ?Imagine the benefits of making a single phone call to a team that can handle your entire rooftop project! From initial conceptual drawings, budgets, permits, feasibility studies, renderings and working drawings to the actual construction and final?walk-through, CGD Inc will employ a team of experts in their field to complete each step. We will provide an initial budgeting estimate to reduce the risk of paying for complete architectural drawings that then require major overhauls to fit within your budget. ?By developing a design for your project, you will eliminate time-consuming and costly errors. All the details and investigative work are completed up front, all but eliminating surprises during construction and significantly reducing the time-frame from design to completion. ?Most importantly, CGD Inc. will be your single source of accountability.


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