When we first met with the client, he knew he wanted his rooftop deck to be amazing, be wasn’t sure what he wanted the space to look like. He was pretty much leaving it up to use to design and build. But soon I could feel in what direction we might want to go in. Together we decided to think outside the box. Not your average rooftop design we decided to embrace the urban environment rather than fight it. Smack dab in the middle of the city this rooftop sits in the perfect spot not only to enjoy the surrounding views but to feel a part of it. We achieved the look by way of vetting many artists Chicago has to offer and we ended up with one of Chicago’s best graffiti artists. “COVE” We took that base and then added corrugated steel, trimmed it out in IPE and put some time and effort into making this space feel comfortable yet have an edge to it. Steel, wood, paint all seamlessly fused together makes this space feel like home, and a fun one at that.