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“Revelry at the Penthouse ”

Don was one of three companies I interviewed for Revelry at the Penthouse. The other companies had amazing designs but Don’s was just exactly what I wanted  both form and function. Construction takes a while but it was a 3500 square foot project with lots of custom work. If the shoe doesn’t fit, Don builds a new shoe. But it’s part of enjoying the process you come home from work every day and get to see something new and exciting. While not cheap Don’s worth it both from the form and function standpoint but the construction and investment standpoint. He cuts no corners and builds a roof that will last, and protect the building’s roof in the process. I always believe you either pay more upfront or even more down the road. Don’s budget was on the spot from the beginning although I did add a bit couldn’t help myself. I’m proud to say our roof is amazing ! everyone loves using it and is blown away by it.

“Petite Pad”

When we first met with Chicago Green Design, we were uncertain if we would proceed with the project due to space limitations. But after seeing the plans, we were excited with the possibilities and couldn’t wait to begin. Don and his team captured the contemporary style we wanted while creating a functional space our entire family could enjoy. Our rooftop is our urban oasis and the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. The entire team was very professional and a pleasure to do business with.

“Rooftop Island”

When I was looking at having a roofdeck put on our house, I interviewed three roofdeck design companies. Don listened to what I wanted and provided a great design before even signing a contract, and his prices on things I could directly compare were better than anyone else. He clearly has a huge depth of knowledge on everything to do with roofdecks, from appropriate plants, to the pros/cons of each material, to furniture, to custom work to do anything you ask. We now have a fantastic roofdeck with a builtin grill/fridge, dining area, two lounge areas, a firetable and TWO waterfalls and a long spillway.

I saw someone yesterday who had seen the roofdeck several months ago and for the first five minutes all he could talk about was how amazing our roofdeck was. I agree, it’s a showstopper and really has made the roof a great place to be.

In practical matters, the final cost did not exceed the estimate except for upgrades we agreed on. Plus, there’s a bunch of great little touches I wouldn’t have even thought to ask for, like hooking up the waterfalls to our water line so we can fill them with a flip of a switch. It really shows having someone work on the roofdeck who specializes in them.


We have been working with Don Maldonado at Chicago Green Design for almost 3 years to complete our roof top oasis. We have been very impressed with the quality of work and the creativity of the design. Don has presented us with many different options, and he maintains flexibility if our taste or budget changes the scope of work. He always has a solution to meet our needs! Not only have we been thoroughly impressed with the creativity and uniqueness that Don provides on the project, but the quality of work has been outstanding! If there is ever an issue pertaining to quality, Don is there instantly to ensure everything is perfect. We have really enjoyed the collaboration and partnership at CGD, and we would recommend Don to any of our friends or family. We will certainly continue to work with him in the future. We appreciate Don?s vision, and we love that he is the first in the area to try new designs or materials. He definitely stands out in this industry and is leading his peers in the quality of materials he uses.

Just a great experience overall with Don and his crew at Chicago Green Design. His creativeness and vision for the project surpassed a number of competing firms. His ability to listen to and truly incorporate the desires that I sought were fantastic. His blending of the outdoor space with that of my indoor space was a refreshing aspect of the design approach that others did not bring to the table. Don was fantastic at offering a number of alternatives and options, both in terms of price and materials, at achieving the end goal, always keeping the final project objective well within sight. I plan on continuing to work with Don and his team on phase two of my roof deck, which by the way, he talked me out of pursuing until phase one was completed with a chance to really “live” in. Do not make the mistake of at least talking to Don and his team if you are considering a small, medium or large scale outdoor space enhancement.

“Gabled Transformation”

Chicago Green Design turned our 3-car, gabled-roof city garage into a gorgeous outdoor roof deck. Our friends and family are blown away at the transformation and are amazed that this tranquil living space exists in the city. Don and his team of professionals worked expertly through the entire design and build process.

After meeting with us to hear about our vision for the space, Don presented a thoughtful plan for the design incorporating all of our must-have’s. From the original design, there were only a few additions we made to the kitchen area and we couldn’t be more pleased with how well the space was utilized.

Starting the project, the CGD team worked quickly to demolish the gabled garage roof while minimizing the noise, debris, and disruption to our neighbors. We also reconfigured the stairs out the back of our house enlarging our backyard space and constructed a steel skywalk directly to the roof deck. The scope of our project, and of Chicago Green Design’s expertise, also included artificial yard turf, fence/gate repair and refinishing, and landscape design for the front of our home.

Every aspect of the project is custom crafted and was completed by the CGD team with precision. We love the warmth of the Brazilian IPE wood floor designed with a 6″ rise from the porcelain tiles in the dining area. The steel pergola contrasts beautifully with the soft Infinity Shades and the illumination from the fire table creates an intimate feel for entertaining. Don has extensive knowledge about plants and used them to surround us with natural beauty in the city as well as providing additional privacy. The design of the kitchen was carefully considered in our tight space and we will be able to enjoy casual cocktails at the bar or prepare a gourmet sit-down meal. Overall, CGD stands out in their attention to detail during both the design phase and in their ability to construct an exceptional quality product.

We had a great working relationship with Don and everyone here on the job. If we had a concern, they responded promptly and often resolved the issue within hours. The CGD team takes pride in their work and were a pleasure to have at our home. The entire process was lots of fun and the end product exceeded our expectations.

“Chicago Wrigleyville Retreat”

We were very pleased with the work of Chicago Green Design and its designer Don Maldonado. Don was very professional and highly creative. He turned our rooftop deck into a beautiful oasis well beyond our expectations. We highly recommend them. Their work included the creation of an outdoor kitchen, a customized fire pit and customized pergola. We are very happy with the outcome.

Working with Don from Chicago Green Design was a great experience in every respect.
Don helped turn my raw rooftop space into an urban oasis complete with fire pits, a custom designed pergola, planters + garden area, artificial but real-looking grass turf, a dog run, 3-hole undulating golf putting green, outdoor all-weather television and surround sound speaker system.
Our initial meeting focused on how I envisioned using the space. A few weeks later, Don returned with design drawings reflecting everything we had discussed and more. His creativity, integrity, knowledge and attention to detail are what sets him apart from the competition. Don goes the extra mile to ensure the rooftop not only looks great but will stand the test of time. He uses the best materials to survive the wild temperature swings and volatile weather associated with Chicago’s seasons without going over the top and pushing for you to spend unnecessarily. His construction team is very professional. While they may take a little longer than other companies to complete the project, it’s worth the wait. In addition, when I wanted to make some changes mid construction, Don was very flexible and adaptable to my wishes. If you’re looking for the best of the best in outdoor space design and construction, I highly recommend Chicago Green Design.

“Wicker Park Rooftop Getaway”

Don designed and built our rooftop garden in Wicker Park in June 2011. We have a large outdoor space (~800 sq ft) and wanted more of an elevated backyard than a rooftop garden. From the design to the finished product, we had a great experience with Don and are extremely happy with the results.

Don was great to work with in the design phase. My wife and I are not necessarily creative people in terms of design. Don collaborated with us during multiple face to face meetings to ensure that his design captured our wish list. He was also very conscious of our budget at every step of the design phase.

The building phase of the project was also fantastic. Construction was efficient and on budget and we have been very impressed with the quality of the work and materials. Our outdoor space contains a kitchen/eating area, grassed area (Perfect Turf) with seating, and a raised platform with lounge seating and a Shademaker umbrella. In addition, we have many custom planters, trees, and a complete irrigation system. All of these elements of the design came together beautifully.

In summary, I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with Don and Chicago Green Design. An elaborate outdoor area in the city can be a significant investment and undertaking. I would recommend Don and Chicago Green Design to anyone looking to upgrade their property with a high-end, custom outdoor space.



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