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Who We Are

Chicago Green Design (CGD) has built its reputation as the leading entertainment rooftop Engineering/Design/Build company in the United States. Our Team of designers on average have over 26 years of experience in the landscape and rooftop, garden design and engineering business. Chicago Green Design also has the honor of?being one of the oldest designated rooftop design companies in Chicago but now the first with accolades across the United States with projects in South Carolina, North Carolina, Colorado and California.
Chicago Green Design continues to grow as a partner in the product community as well. We continually work with partners worldwide collaborating and enhancing rooftop-product specifically. This allows us to always be on the cutting edge of technology. Keeping current allows us to offer you the best the industry has to offer.
Chicago Green Design Inc is a designated high end design/build firm for the most elaborate rooftops in the world. If you can imagine it, we can engineer it.

Certifications and Awards

  • Chicago Social Best of Design 2012
  • Houzz best of 2013-14-15-16
  • Winning the 2010 CAMME award for “Best Common Area (Rooftop) in all of Chicago for $500,000 and above
  • Best of design from Unilock Paver 2009?North America
  • Best of design from Unilock Paver 2015 North America.

Services Provided

Providing urban landscape in rooftop gardens, terraces, decks and similar elevated spaces. Chicago Green Design?Inc files each design with the US Copyright Office to insure our client’s projects are truly one of a kind.
We are an Engineering/Design/Build company, where we take the ?one-stop shopping? approach to rooftop gardens. Whether you are in a city with a?strict building code, have a creative concept you’ve imagined or need?us to?design a project on an older building that?you’re just not sure it can handle the load; having so many moving parts to a project is overwhelming. Coordination of so?many moving parts can cause immense frustration and in each one?of these scenarios,you will see how Chicago Green Design truly shines!
At Chicago Green Design, your building?engineer, architectural designer and rooftop contractor are working in concert ?to achieve your rooftop dreams.?You are not coordinating the efforts of multiple people to coordinate the project. That is our?job.?Imagine the benefits of making a single phone call to a team that will?launch?your entire rooftop project! From initial conceptual drawings, engineering, budgets, permits, feasibility studies, meeting with condo associations, to the actual construction and final walk-through, and all parts in-between, CGD Inc. puts together the team of experts best suited for your project to complete each step to?make the process seamless for you, the client.

Areas Served

All of North America, ?Including: Arizona, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Colorado, California, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Miami, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, San Diego, Seattle, South Carolina, Utah, Washington,


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